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Mana | Scoop

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A handy, stainless steel measuring scoop for perfect portioning of ManaPowder. One standard serving of ManaPowder (400 kcal) is 86 g of powder mixed with 300 ml of lukewarm or cold water. One Mana scoop is 200 kcal/43 g of powder, so 2 scoops is the exact measure you need for one serving. The scoop comes as part of our Starter Kit, but it can also be bought separately here.

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Need help choosing?

In the box

1x Mana | Scoop



Stainless steel



1 serving per scoop = 200 kcal.

Stainless steel and easy to wash.

Robust design that lasts for years.

Mana logo on the bottom and on the handle of the scoop.

Fits right in the hand.




Length 14,3 cm

Weight 59,6 g

Volume 70 ml

Holds 43 g of powder = 200 kcal in the form of ManaPowder.