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ManaBar | Origin
Bertrand M.
Very good!

Keep up!


It's Mana Powder. If you haven't tried it, it tastes a bit like berries and it's a bit nutty. But it's a very nice taste. Smooth.

If you drank Mana Powder before, it's the same great taste just with some berry flavor. Tastes really good - but all of the flavors are good - I tried them all. So yeah, go for it.

In fact, all these flavored Mana Powders like this one tastes SO GOOD you will chug them down in 5 seconds only to suffer because now you have your stomach full so quickly, lol. I recommend just taking it to your desk or using the bottle to portion it kind of. Basically just don't chug it down in one go? :)

About my stomach which is super sensitive? Nothing. No side effects, not hard to digest.

If you have high stomach acid, I do recommend eating something solid like some whole wheat bread or something because Mana is liquid, it won't soak up your stomach acid. But it's a great lunch for example to drink a Mana and eat a slice of bread for example. Again, this is a special tip for people with special dietary needs. Ie.: GERD, high stomach acid.

Long story short: They are good. Awesome. No downsides.


The perfect ratio, perfectly mixed for the on-the-go occasions. I use these on work sites, in my work truck and so on. It's just so much better than going to a fast food and ruining my stomach with that. Like let's say I hit up some fast food joint and then I have stomach reflux for hours.

Instead of that, I just crack open one of these bad boys and I am no longer hungry, I have no problems and I feel perfectly fine.

Really nice stuff. Tastes great too.


Great taste, great nutrition and 0 stomach problems. Highly recommended! My stomach is something that is just historically bad - it's genetics. But I can eat a dozen of these and experience no problems whatsoever.

Obviously I am not saying you should only consume these in a day, but if you are in a pinch, they will do the job.

They might get a bit hard in cold conditions but even with the warmth of your hand they become soft again.

It's just super nice.

Una buona comida

Estoy muy feliz, puedo comerla con chocolate, frutas, un poco de leche y mucha fantasia... está buonisima. :)

To parfumaded

It's not drinkable, theparfum taste over rules everything. I'm but disappointed in this taste.

Vanilla and chocolate are way better and taste more natural

Good product / bad packaging

I’m really satisfied with the product, it’s tasty and convenient.
Unfortunately the new packaging is pretty disappointing. 3 times in a row it was not completely sealed, and with my last order the ziplock broke when I opened it for the first time, which means that most of the time there’s an issue with the bag.

I ordered powder came liquid

I ordered powder and came liquid

Great ManaBar Choco! 🤩

I have tested several bars from other manufacturers and MANA does it great again! Great consistency, great taste, not too hard, not too soft, just right. A nice addition to your daily MANA drink. Just buy!

Ok powder but untrustworthy information

Powder itself is fine but at the time of writing this review they still say subscriptions have "regular delivery to your doorstep" but that is not true. Instead they choose delivery to a pick-up point (for some countries, I guess). For me that makes the subscription not worth it and giving incorrect information about the service during purchase is scummy. Makes me wonder if I can trust their other claims.

ManaPowder | Berries
Francesco C.
very good

Great taste and very good filling. No strange phenomena or side effects. A bit on the salty side for my taste, but not a show stopper. Would recommend!

Not that good :/

Unfortunately the banana flavor is kinda artificial, and not too good. Wouldn't call it horrible, but it's definitely the weakest of all the new ones.

Fresh taste

Lime Cake tastes fresh!

Huge bag

I for some reason expected this to come in a pack of smaller bags, not in a single big bag. I am afraid to open this one. Will probably put it to containers or something. But the apricot taste is the best for sure.

life saver

It is truly life saver for those with food sensitivities and no time for food preparation.

Sometimes tastes funny

I have been drinking mana for several months and I like it. The thing is that the apricot flavour 1/2 bottle for every box of 6 tastes funny...

Beautiful hat.

Icon Trucker Hat
Adrian I.

Nice hat and good quality material. I love it!

ManaPowder™ | Origin

Very good taste

ManaPowder™ | Origin

It is very tasty, I mix it with milk and banana or cocoa. Perfect snack

ManaPowder™ | Origin
Deryll F.

It's much better than Fast Food! I love Mana💕

Mana | Starter Kit
Nicoline A.

I love this cute little bottle because it is the perfect size for your to use

I wouldn't. Deeply disappointed 15euro for a bottle with measurement you can't use it to shake the powder unfortunately I had hoped and thought it was for that purpose.

But otherwise the meal product is good, and shipment is fast! So that should def. have 4 stars already rec to some others!

ManaPowder™ | Origin
Matej H.

I love to drink Mana with mixed raspberries. While I'm out the basic flavor is still fine.

I love this it is so beautiful and pretty