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Nutritionally complete food. Record 42 essential nutrients. All for the health of body and mind.

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Refreshing Apricot

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New | Mark 7

A Dose of Vitality. For a Better Life.

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Customer Experience

Joshua R.

Family Pack | Origin

I have to say I'm impressed. It's been 3 days and I'm already here thanking god that I have a diet that is beneficial to my health and my schedule. It's great, and that's about it.

Belinda B.

ManaPowder | Choco

After cancer treatment my appetite and digestion are poor. These save my life and give me life and.. They are vegan!

Sherry T. 

ManaPowder | Origin

I am loving this powder. I use the powder to make smoothies. It is so delicious and everything that I expected. The supply is well worth it too.

Charlie L.

ManaPowder | Origin

Took me a few days to get used to idea of drinking my lunch, but after 2 days I was sold. Tastes wonderful, oaty, and fills me up to boot!

Yuchong M. 

Taster Pack

The tester pack was great for my roadtrip during the holiday when I was traveling in areas with no vegan options. Thank you for the great tasting Taster Pack!

Shawn F.

 ManaDrink | Choco

Good stuff so far, shipping was very fast

Pejman P. 

ManaPowder | Origin

I am currently testing Mana to build muscle as a vegan. It's working well so far. It sometimes clumps a little, but otherwise, thank you! I eat up to 6 meals a day.

Eva U.

ManaPowder | Origin

The only food in powder form that really tastes good to me. I had already tried a few, but most of them are artificially sweet unfortunately. Mana also delivers super fast! Thank you very much ❤

Christina T.

ManaDrink | Origin

I've been mixing my Mana with coffee for years and I think it's great. I drank it when I was pregnant (I couldn't really drink anything else in the first trimester) and since then it's been part of my everyday life.

Marjorie H.

ManaPowder | Origin

Roughly 70% of my daily calorie intake is from Mana, and I love the taste and the texture. I haven't had any kind of of trouble making the switch.

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There are a ton of ways to spice things up with Mana! We've compiled the best hacks here. And they’re not just from us, but from you—our customers! Click to learn how to use Mana to its full potential!

The New Generation Mana Mark 7 Sees the Light of Day

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There are moments in life that one would like to shout out to the world at that very moment. Moments like the birth of a child, handing in your diploma, getting your dream job... Or the launch of the revolutionary new Mana Mark 7 recipe! 

Top Seller

ManaDrink | Origin

From €3.74 / portion

Nutritionally complete food in drink form. Creamy, neutral flavour. 12 meals. 330 kcal per meal.

We Are Switching to New, More Environmentally Friendly Packaging Materials. 

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I'm sure you know that Mana is not only good for your health, but also for the planet. The long-term goal is to minimize waste and maximize its biodegradability. 

Getting Started:
How to Save Time, Money & Effort

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Wherever you are and whatever you're doing, Mana is the perfect solution to eating efficiently. At an unbeatable price, it'll fill you up instantly and keep you on the move.


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