František Bučil

Production Manager

František leads the Mana production team - from initial preparation of all raw materials, vitamins, and oils, to hiring auxiliary production personnel, to managing production shifts. He makes production plans and shift schedules together with his colleagues, and determines everything production needs to make Mana right.

He graduated from the University of Pardubice in clinical biology and chemistry. He went on to work for several years at a pharmaceutical company, where he started out in laboratory support, then moved to quality control as head of the laboratory, and then to production as head of the production department. Inspections taught him how to properly prepare documentation :)

František is an avid long-distance runner. For him, a 10k is just a casual stroll. He generally prefers to run alone in nature, but the vibe at races gets him pretty excited, too.

"For me, Mana is ideal for endurance. And not just at work, but any time, anywhere. It helps keep me sharp, and is a huge time-saver when I get busy. I am very happy to be a part of the development and production of this awesome product."