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Eliška Galambová

IT Trainee

Eliška, as a trainee for our IT department, is responsible for all things technology. Whether it's a mouse to be fixed or an application to be implemented, we come to her.

Before joining the Mana team, she worked for over 6 years in gastronomy. She did everything from fast food to upscale dining, including in Malta for 3 months. She is currently studying computer science at the Czech University of Life Sciences Prague. Prior to attending university, she studied guitar at art school.

In her free time, Eliška likes to practice sport. First and foremost, she is interested in circuit training, but she sometimes tones down the intensity with things like yoga. She is also passionate about her dog, Tobias, who she loves taking for walks and spoiling with toys and treats. When not outside or exercising, she likes to laze around and watch all the movies and series she can. In particular, she tends towards anime. She is a huge fan of Naruto and has seen all 720 episodes. Of course, she likes to spend time with her friends, too, whether it's for guitar practice or a good chat over beer.

"For me, Mana is a unique opportunity to pursue my own interests, as well as a better future for people in general. What I like most about the company is that it strives to show the world that things can be done differently, both in terms of nutrition and care for the planet."