Dhenisa Vlčková

HR Specialist

As an HR specialist, Dhenisa is responsible for employee care. She deals with various areas of HR, and works on both large and small projects concerning the overall support, development, and education of our employees.

Before joining the Mana team, she worked as a receptionist for an international company. She currently studies human resources management at Newton College in Prague.

Whenever she has free time, she tries to spend it actively. On the weekend, this means long walks and natural tourism. She is happiest when in the company of friends, her boyfriend, and her dog, Sid. Aside from that, she likes to bake cakes, cookies, and sweets of all kinds.

"For me, Mana is a super product that rescues me when I'm short on time and need food quickly. It has become an irreplaceable part of all my hectic mornings and busy days. At the same time, Mana is a team of incredible and inspiring people who are working toward a common goal; being a part of it gives me the chance to learn something new all the time."