Mana is used daily as a source of quick and high-quality nutrition not just by amateur athletes, but professional athletes from various disciplines, including olympians and representatives of national sports teams. Cyclists, runners, fitness trainers, canoe slalom racers, bobsledders, snowboarders, ski jumpers, and most recently, world-class footballers. Mana is now an official partner of the youth and women’s teams of champion Czech football club SK Slavia Praha.

A few weeks ago, we announced that Mana had established a partnership with the esports team of SK Slavia Praha to promote healthy eating, exercise, and sustainability among gamers. But our cooperation with the club doesn’t end there. 

Since this summer, Mana products have been serving players of the world’s most popular sport: football. We are proud to announce that Mana now effectively helps SK Slavia Praha’s youth and women’s football teams achieve maximum performance.

Here’s a new video introducing them—complete energy for athletes!

Thanks to their convenience and nutritional benefits, ManaDrink and ManaPowder have caught the attention of athletes from a number of disciplines as well.

"I burn a lot of calories, usually more than I can replenish. So, when I do eat, I have to make it count. Mana is perfect for me because it’s extremely nutrient-rich, and it doesn’t weigh me down or upset my stomach when I am training or in the middle of a race. Plus, I love the taste. The neutral flavour has really grown on me over time," says Daniel Polman, finished 7th place in Race Across America, the world’s toughest cycling ultramarathon. 

SK Slavia Praha player Gabriela Slajsova finds Mana particularly useful during long travels from games: "It’s ideal for when we spend hours on the road and need quick, balanced food.”

"I love Mana because, well, I love food in general. But also because I find it very functional. Us bobsledders eat a lot and we are always hungry, so Mana is kind of a lifesaver," explains Dominik Dvorak, leader of the olympic bobsled team of the Czech Republic.

Football and sports in general are often focused on men and men’s teams. At Mana, however, we have always supported sports and players that receive less attention, but that are equally worthy.  

That’s why we see purpose in joining forces with bobsledders, slalom racers, ski jumpers, and the youth and women’s teams of SK Slavia Praha. 

Mana provides convenient, comprehensive, and sustainable nutrition to athletes of numerous disciplines, at all levels.