Due to the current global situation, we have been experiencing an exceptionally high volume of orders, sometimes for months’ worth of food at a time. This signalled to us that our customers might appreciate a bulk package of Mana. So, in order to keep up with increased demand, we made one! And the response was so positive that we decided to make it a regular item in our product line. The ManaPowder™ Family Pack is a bulk package that contains the equivalent of 4 boxes of Mark 6 Origin Powder; in other words, a week-long supply of food for a family of 4, or a month-long supply of food for 1 adult. This is the largest package of complete-nutrition food powder ever to go on sale, and it saves significantly on waste.

As a producer of non-perishable food, we saw introducing the Family Pack as our duty. But doing it quickly enough to meet the demand required us to shorten our supply chain and pack freshly made product directly in our own warehouse using different packaging materials. The design of the package itself is secondary; important is that the same high-quality Mana is still inside.

An originally sealed ManaPowder™ Family Pack has a minimum shelf life of 18 months. After opening, the product must be consumed within a 1 month. However, if the product is transferred to airtight containers and stored in a dark place after opening, the shelf life can be safely extended to 6 months from the date of opening.

As mentioned above, the Family Pack will contain our latest recipe, Mark 6, whose nutritional composition is a reflection of peak technology and nutritional science. Origin Powder Mark 5 was a favorite among customers, but by all measures, Origin Mark 6 is even better. For more information, read our Mark 6 blog article

ManaPowder™ Family Pack | Mark 6