Dear Mana customers,

We have always done our best to keep you informed about the state of our stock, and we feel that the exceptional circumstances we are experiencing right now warrant an immediate announcement.

In the last 4 days, our warehouse stock for the Czech Republic and the rest of Europe has nearly vanished before our eyes. Boxes of Mana Mark 6 that we had planned to sell over the next 3 months are almost gone. But fear not - we will be stocking more Mark 6 on Monday, and Mark 5 is still largely available.

This has come as quite a shock, but now we understand it; the world is reacting to the coronavirus scare, and now so are we. However, this is not a panic alarm; this is just an address of the current situation in our company. The number of orders we are receiving right now is 14 times the average, and we are producing as much and as fast as we can. Our colleagues in production are staying late and working double shifts, and some people from our administration office are even taking up temporary positions in our warehouse. Everything we make we’ll be sending out to you. It may take us a few extra days, but rest assured that we will expedite your orders as soon as we possibly can. We apologize for the inconvenience and we hope you understand.

In any case, we do not take this situation lightly and aim to bring a solution. This means adapting to the circumstances and delivering as much food as you order on a reasonable timeline. We spent all last Wednesday determining how to shorten the production chain as much as possible, so that we can immediately pack freshly made product in our production hall. This, of course, will require a change of packaging.

The new packaging may not be pretty, but it will allow us to speed up our production by 1000%, and it will contain the one thing that is most important: Mana.

We will soon be packing Mana in bulk loads of 140 meals (1 meal = 400 kcal), for a total energy value of 56,000 kcal. This is food for an entire month for 1 adult person. The package will weight 14 kg, the food inside will have a shelf life of 18 months, and the price will be 200 EUR. We are working hard to make this happen asap and will keep you posted with updates.

Jakub Krejčík, CEO