18 november 2022

You Want to Strengthen Your Immunity? We’ve Got Tips for You to Stay Fit in Any Weather! Mana Will Help You Do Exactly That!

Every change in weather or environment, more demanding periods of life in terms of physical or mental fitness, or flu epidemics regularly test our immunity. Fortunately, however, the body's immune system is something that we can significantly influence. What are the best sources of vitamins and what is the best way to boost your immunity?

Proper diet plays a crucial role

A quick coffee in the morning, a burger from the fast food restaurant around the corner for lunch and bread with butter for dinner. If your diet looks like that, your immune system is crying. A quality diet is the absolute foundation for a good immune system. This is mentioned in many foreign studies and by experts who are working to build collective immunity in different countries around the world. So, if you want to strengthen your body and be able to enjoy an active life in all weather and in every living situation, focus primarily on your diet.

Star troopers in the fight against diseases: vitamins A, B6 and B12, C,
D and E

It almost sounds like a scary rhyme: "A, B, C, D and also E, without them sick you will be"... However, it's very true. Long-term deficiency of the vitamins mentioned can lead to poor immune system function. Ensuring an optimal supply of these vitamins is not easy. Taking vitamin supplements from pharmacies is an option, but it is well known that some vitamins in high doses are simply not absorbed by the body and large amounts are eliminated. The road to healthy immunity starts with a balanced and regular intake of vitamins from the diet.


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Mana is your partner on the road to a strong immune system. It contains 108 bioactive compounds that care for your body and immunity. Each serving gives you the optimal amount of nutrients you need.


Mana will help fight colds for your kids, too

Children are naturally more susceptible to illness. Moreover, they spend most of their time in large groups—whether in kindergarten, school, or in a special interest group. Their immunity is therefore put to a very intense test every day.

Given the specific dietary needs and habits of children, it can sometimes be a challenge to ensure optimal vitamin intake. Especially when children tend to skip lunches or not finish their portions. And sometimes that’s just because they don't like it. Or because they urgently need to go back to playing with the ball, drawing, painting or running to class because the bell has rung...

Mana is the ideal solution for restless children. Thanks to its unique composition, you can include it in the diet of children from the age of three. But always take into account the specific eating habits of children and their needs. Read more about Mana and its suitability for children here.


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ManaDrink is the ideal snack for children. It's pre-mixed, so all you have to do is throw it in your kids' backpacks. Then all they have to do is open it and drink. Try our refreshing and subtle sweet Apricot flavour. They won't want to miss out on a snack like this. 


Superpowers of omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids

Healthy heart, blood vessels, proper brain function, balanced metabolism... The list of positive effects of omega-3 reminds us of the powers of a magic drink. But they're all clinically proven health benefits, including improved resistance to infection. Therefore, omega-3 sources must not be missing in your strategy to gain stronger immunity! 

How to boost your immune system: 

  • exercise
  • good sleep
  • quality diet rich in necessary nutrients
  • no smoking
  • less alcohol
  • reduce sources of stress or learn to cope better with stress
  • drink Mana regularly for optimal nutrition
  • relaxation and meditation
  • humor, don't take life too seriously

Get a good night’s sleep!

Lack of sleep cannot be underestimated. Long-term deprivation leads to a range of health complications and can be a trigger for some chronic diseases, including immune disorders. So if you are not one of those people who indulge in sleep for beauty, at least indulge your immunity!

How to make sure you get a good night’s sleep:

  • include in your diet sources of healthy fats and minerals that are important for the nervous system
  • sleep in a well-ventilated, quiet and well-darkened room
  • try to go to bed and get up at the same time every day 
  • if you work in shifts, catch up on sleep on your days off and always get up at the same time for specific shifts, that’ll help your body
  • have an easily digestible dinner in the evening (Mana is perfect for dinner)
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