For many of us, summer is a time of vacations and trips. Lounging by the sea, exploring new places, cycling, canoeing, hiking, get the picture. But what you may not realize is that Mana goes perfect with each and every one of these activities. Take it with you and focus on what really lights your fire!

Any time or all of the time

Whether you’re into passive relaxation or active adventure, Mana will save you time and energy. No more long hours in the kitchen, going to overpriced restaurants, or cooking on a little propane stove. Instead, enjoy the water, your trek through the hills, or your night on the town.

All you have to do is mix ManaPowder with water for a delicious and complete meal in 1 minute or less. Or simply throw our ready-made ManaDrink in your bag and go! When you get hungry, just shake and crack open. Our latest version of ManaDrink is an especially good solution for the dog days of summer because it’s got 330 kcal, so it’s lighter than previous versions, but it will still fill you up.

Even more importantly, our new Mark 6 recipe for both powder and drink gives your body all the macronutrients it needs to be healthy in the perfect amounts, including protein with a complete spectrum of amino acids, 14 essential vitamins, 17 essential minerals, and other necessary nutrients.

HOT TIP: Not only can you take ManaPowder to the mountains and the plains, you can take it on a plane, even in hand luggage! It’s not a liquid, so you can use it to boost your energy on long flights. If you need, we’ll be happy to send you an official statement that Mana is food in powdered form. Just write us as

Don’t cook. Experiment!

Planning on spending the summer at home in your garden? Mana is perfect for that, too. Instead of spending your time slow-cooking traditional food, get creative and use ManaPowder Origin for cool smoothies and cakes. Combine it with fruit, vegetables, spices, or nut butters. Thanks to its neutral, subtly sweet flavor, the possibilities are truly endless. And nutritious!

If you need a little inspiration, head over to our recipe page. Maybe start with Strawberry Smash - a sweet summer combo of strawberries and almond yogurt? Or Piña Colada - a nutritionally complete twist on a hot-weather classic?

Thanks to Mana, you can finally enjoy summer to the fullest. No need to limit your fun or relaxation just out of hunger. Mana will save you time and give your body everything it needs to be healthy.