It’s been just a few days since the release of our new Mark 5 Powder, and we’d like to answer questions and share information that will help you get the most out of your Mana. People have been asking about nutritional content, mixing and serving sizes using the new black plastic measuring scoop.

Question 1: Does Mark 5 have the same nutritional content as Mark 4?

Yes. The only thing that’s different is that the oil and powder are now a single, robust substance. 86 g (400 kcal) of Mark 5 is nutritionally equal to 68 g of Mark 4 and 18 g of Mark 4 oil. When mixed with water, the results are the same.

Question 2: Isn’t Mark 5 a bit more watery?

The black plastic measuring scoop is somewhat smaller than the stainless steel one. User tests revealed that if you do not compress the powder into the measuring cup through the wall of the bag with your finger, the dosage is around 20% less (around 70 g instead of 86 g). This of course results in a more watery mixture. Correct serving size should produce a perfect mixture, every time.

ℹ: “We are working on improvements. A new measuring measuring scoop, which is the same as the stainless steel one, is already in production.”

We have three solutions for proper serving size:

1. Buy the original Starter Kit (free shipping!)

2. Mix less water (200 ml - 250 ml) with two portions from the black plastic measuring scoop (or 86 g of Mana powder).

3. Press more powder into the measuring scoop with your finger through the wall of the bag.

Question 3: Why does Mark 5 sometimes not mix perfectly?

Mark 5 takes a little bit more time to absorb water. The substances are designed to collide with one another over time for a smooth mixture. We recommend mixing according to the enclosed instructions. For faster results, try putting the powder into the bottle first, and then the water (not too cold).