31 May 2022

Healthy Food for School and Work: A Light Snack or Quick Lunch to Kick-Start Your Performance

Can't keep up with deadlines, your boss is breathing down your neck and more tasks are coming at you from all sides? Or are the summer semester exams coming up and you're studying in the library all day and night? In such moments, every minute is good... But to withstand the mental and physical strain, you need to eat properly. We have a great solution for you to not waste time and at the same time give your body everything it needs to function properly. Sharpen your senses, drink your Mana and watch your brain thank you!

Imagine a 100% plant-based "fast food" that is perfectly balanced in composition and taste and waiting for you in the fridge or in the cupboard to prepare you for each busy day. It needs no preparation and when you eat it, your body will reward you with increased attention, better memory and the relief of fatigue. Does this sound like a dream to you? Not at all—all this is Mana!

Benefits of Mana are: 

  • energizes and satiates at the same time
  • improves focus and performance
  • supports memory
  • compact and practical packaging
  • long shelf life
  • variability – check out our recipes
  • amazing taste

Energy, focus and perfect performance. That's Mana!

You work all morning, there's no time for a snack, and at lunchtime you stuff yourself with fast food from the first stand you see. The rest of the day you hibernate in a half-sleep without being able to concentrate... That's definitely not going to happen to you with Mana. It's lightweight and thanks to its balanced ratio of protein, fats and carbohydrates, it has a low glycemic index (29), ensuring you a steady supply of energy.

A quick lunch that not only won't kill you, but will make you stronger

Adequate concentration throughout the day is ensured by MCT C8 coconut oil and omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids, which instantly suppress fatigue, improve performance and significantly increase the ability to concentrate in the long term. Many international scientific studies agree on their fascinating effects, which is why Mana's research team included them in the formula to create a lunch that will take your work performance to the next level. 

A healthy snack that makes you remember everything

In addition to boosting attention, omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids have another fascinating superpower: They significantly improve memory in the long term, which you will undoubtedly appreciate during busy work days and exam periods. Just 1 serving of Mana will give you as much omega-3 as 50g of high-quality salmon! The brain can concentrate much better, store information in long-term memory and then use it at the right moment.

Long-term memory will also be boosted by the vitamin D3 in Mana, which will also kick-start your immune processes and help you cope better with stress. Plus, thanks to the balanced ratio of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants, your body will get enough rest after work, achieve better quality sleep and you're fresh for new work challenges in the morning.


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A heavenly chocolatey and healthy snack full of protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals. The ideal solution for school children.


Food on the go: chase away hunger anywhere, anytime

Whether you're sitting in front of a monitor in the office, reading scripts in the library, or behind the steering wheel in traffic, ManaDrink is always on hand. The compact package fits in your purse, backpack and jacket pocket, and when hunger strikes, just twist the cap and drink. Besides, ManaDrink saves you from crumbs on your keyboard or that awkward moment in the mirror when you're secretly trying to get rid of a spot on the collar of your white shirt. Simply a win-win.

A dish that suits your taste: a breakfast bowl, light lunch or a cold drink

Finally, one essential, intrinsic aspect of any full meal: an intense taste and visual experience. Even when you're at your busiest, food should be really enjoyed. ManaPowder not only provides a quick lunch option with extreme ease of preparation, but also room for culinary improvisation without much time commitment.

Make a super breakfast bowl with fruit, mix up a perfectly balanced snack with nuts and seeds or enjoy the fresh, icy taste of a drink just taken out from the fridge. It doesn't matter how hungry you are—you can mix ManaPowder in a ratio that suits you.


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Complete meal in powder form. Delicious, vanilla-oat flavour. You can mix it with fruit, vegetables, nuts, spices or coffee. The only limit is your imagination.


So what do you think, isn't that the ideal solution? Replace unhealthy fast food during your quick snack and lunch break with a portion of balanced Mana and you'll see that not only your boss will thank you, but also your brain cells and shirts.

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