This Is What True Love Tastes Like

Try our new flavor, "Love" – our 3rd together with "Origin" and "Sunlight."

Show yourself, your family, and your friends some love with this nutritionally complete, strawberry- and raspberry-infused food drink.

One 330 ml bottle contains 400 kcal of energy (20% of your daily nutritional needs), delivering an incredible 20 g of protein, 27 vitamins and minerals, fiber, fat, and complex carbohydrates with a total glycemic index (GI) of 29, all of which will fill you up and give your body a jolt of energy. The price of 1 drink online is 74 Kč. What's also great about Love is that, just like all our other products, its CZK-per-calorie ratio is much more favorable than that of any other standard food. We couldn't be more proud!

As of 14 December, orders will be shipped as received
Order by 17 December and get it in time for Christmas