Anet Antosova

Professional Dancer, Choreographer, and Teacher

My name is Anet Antosova, and I'm a professional dancer, choreographer, and teacher. Sometimes they call me the queen of Czech twerking. But in addition to this style of dance, I do a lot of choreography for musicals, films, theatre productions, television shows, and concerts.

I work with popular artists from my home country, the Czech Republic, as well as abroad, including Kanye West, Jiří Korn, and Rytmus. I also conduct seminars and judge dance competitions around the world.

In case you can't tell, I love what I do, and put as much energy and passion as I can into it.

Mana for me is a quick source of quality food that contains the comprehensive spectrum of nutrients my body needs. I like to drink it after my morning workouts, during long, all-day rehearsals, or sometimes in the evening when I get the munchies.

(Editor's note: When watching the video, switch on subtitles for English)

Why I use Mana

"I use Mana because it's a quick source of quality food. I like to drink it after my morning workouts, or during long, all-day rehearsals, when there is simply no time for food. ManaDrink in particular gets me zipping along, especially the Choco flavor. All I have to do is open, drink, and go. With all its variety, Mana is the ideal addition to my diet, and my best friend on lazy mornings."