Our Origin Flavour Is Timeless

Its subtle sweetness makes it something to look forward to, but its neutrality makes it hard to burn out on.

Great Today. Better Tomorrow.

It’ll Grow On You

Origin flavor, our bestseller, is mild with a hint of vanilla. Some people compare it to lightly sweetened cake batter; others compare it to oatmeal. Though individual associations differ, there’s one thing we hear consistently: the taste gets better and better over time.


Delightfully Creamy

The consistency of ManaDrink™ Origin is rich - like that of a milkshake, just without the milk. It's designed to be perfectly smooth on its own, but feel free to add it to smoothies or eat it together with other foods.

New Mark 6 Recipe

A Stacked 330 Kcal

Those of you who know Mana know that we are always working hard to improve it. Not only do we adapt our products to the latest findings in science, we regularly implement feedback from our customers, including with regard to taste. That's why the new ManaDrink™ contains 330 kcal per 330 ml. Now it's lighter and yummier, yet just as filling as always.