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ManaTM Powder

Try all 4 flavours of nutritionally complete powdered food that gives your body all it needs. Simply add water, shake it and you are good to go.

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Food for a better life.

Why waste time with food preparation if you don't have to?

Are you busy or simply don't feel like putting in all the effort that food prepreparation requires? Shopping, cooking, washing dishes? We believe food should be a unique experience to be enjoyed with your family or the closest friends. Mana is here for all the other times when you quickly want the highest quality food fix to fuel your body and keep on doing whatever floats your boat.

Why is Mana?

Nutritionally Complete

A complex spectrum made up of proteins, lots of fibre, diverse high-quality fats, and balanced carbohydrates together with a great micronutrient mix give your body 100% of what it needs, so that nothing can stop you anymore.

Helps you save time

Shopping, cooking and washing dishes? With Mana you can enjoy the benefits of complete nutrition without wasting your precious time.

Cost effective

Starting at 1.78 € it's never been cheaper to get a completely balanced meal that delivers everything your body needs.


No need to worry that you're not getting everything you need. Our team of scientists meticulously works on creating the perfect formula and monitors the latest studies, so that you don't have to.

Nutrition Facts & Ingredients

Intelligent tool

Cheers to a healthy life.

All Vitamins and Minerals

With a clinically proven formula created by our team of scientists you can lead a better life, free of animal products. More than 99% of our ingredients are derived from natural vegetable sources to create a drink with all the vitamins and minerals your body needs to stay balanced.

Only the best for your body

The ingredients that we use are all thoroughly lab tested to make sure only the highest quality ingredients are included in our products. With this combination, Mana is not only easily digested, but also keeps you feeling satisfied and replenished after every meal.

Powerful companion

Take your body further.

Low glycemic and insulin index

Either before or after a workout, Mana provides you with a balanced and constant source of energy that has a low glycemic and insulin index. This is the perfect way to keep you powered throughout the day.

Open the study

Life is a ride

Hold it in your hands.

Save time, money and effort

Selecting, buying and preparing balanced meals can take up a big chunk of your day. It can also be damn expensive. With Mana you can focus your energy on the things you really love.

User Manual

Liquid freedom

By reclaiming your time, you can now spend those moments learning that new programming language, parachuting out of a plane or partying all night without neglecting your body.

New Flavours

Mana Powder | Mark 5


Breakfast, lunch or dinner in under a minute. One pouch contains 2001 kcal, and will give your body everything it needs, all day long. Our compact, 7-pouch package will keep you going for a week and is available in 4 delicious flavours. Act now and taste the future!

All flavours in stock

Nutrition Facts

Mana Powder | Origin

Pleasant neutral flavour
packages (12 pouches)

Mana Powder | Sunlight

Exotic tropical fruits
packages (12 pouches)

Mana Powder | Love

Sensual strawberry and raspberry
packages (12 pouches)

Mana Powder | Dream

Smooth and cosy cacoa
packages (12 pouches)
Total 72 meals ( packages)
2 570 Kč Ø per meal

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Enjoy Mana as part of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. Mana is suitable for all healthy adults.
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