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Powdered legend.

Whether you are a legend or a human being, our food doesn't judge. It is affordable for everybody.

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€1.42 per meal (400 kcal)
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Minderis J. Verified Buyer

I also tried the Mana Drink but I prefer powder, the taste is more neutral and easy going with other stuff. More

COSKUN B. Verified Buyer
Nice first impression.

Somehow in the "food for astronauts" side: i like it. More

muruzabal e. Verified Buyer
Smooth texture, neutral ...

I've extensive experience with several 'lents including Joylent, Soylent 2.0, Huel, Nano, Jake. Compared with those Mana mark 3 mixes ... More

Jeurissen A. Verified Buyer

I drink mana to fill up the gaps when I'm at work and can't have a meal. For that it's awesome, but I can't imagine that I ... More

Becvar A. Verified Buyer
MANA fullfiled my expectations

I bought MANA as a supplement if I cannot for example manage to do full breakfast in the morning. It works just as I expected, and I even like the ... More

Kolesar S. Verified Buyer

Great Product! Easy to prepare and keeps your energy level stable throughout the whole day! Egils More

Zanders E. Verified Buyer
Good but not great

Good product, and personally I love the taste, however not feeling enough for me to replace a meal More

Zlotkovska K. Verified Buyer
The best vegan powder!

I like it a lot. The taste is neutral but pleasant, whereas most competitors are too sweet for me. Mana being vegan is also a big plus. ... More

Geens R. Verified Buyer

The taste is fantastic. Really easy to prepare and the texture is very smooth. More

Oprica C. Verified Buyer
So much better than Mark2.

Taste is pretty much the same but the texture is just so much better. More

Bence S. Verified Buyer
good product

Good ingredients, good taste, better than the competitors. Perfect base for a breakfast. However, the need to mix it with something else because ... More

Deplus K. Verified Buyer
My first purchase

Really the same like on ad. Delicious and nutritional. More

Kunčar P. Verified Buyer


Bláha T. Verified Buyer
Great breakfast

I really like, this, its the first time I've tried any of this type of powder and potions. I'm spending too much time sat at a desk so I ... More

Hill R. Verified Buyer

) More

REVELLI B. Verified Buyer
Great stuff

Taste is awesome, it is easily prepared and I find it satiating enough. Will order again for sure. More

Popescu T. Verified Buyer
Good product but the ...

Bottle got to thin hole, it is vary hard to clean it. Also spoon can not be stored in bottle because it is to big. Make bottle with bigger hole. More

Patkowski A. Verified Buyer
Easy adaptation to the ...

I purchased MANA in a response to the sky-high prices of food in my ERASMUS destination. Originally, I hoped that I could substitute it for at ... More

Becvarova B. Verified Buyer
Fantastic product!

Great taste! Easy to prepare! Even better than the drink! More

Sayadian A. Verified Buyer
Quick delivery! Tastes ...

Quick delivery! Tastes great :) More

Michelsson E. Verified Buyer
I like it

I like it More

Brignone F. Verified Buyer
Arrived really fast. Taste is

Arrived really fast. Taste is ok currently feeling really good! More

Meledeth A. Verified Buyer
Simply the best

better than all the rest... More

Martin C. Verified Buyer
Always on time, good shipping,

Always on time, good shipping, and good taste of course. More

Boumendil E. Verified Buyer
Fast Meal Time saving good

Fast Meal Time saving good Product More

Basha M. Verified Buyer
Tastes great, though it does

Tastes great, though it does contain more carbs then I would’ve liked. Would be cool to see a low-carb version which would be basically double the ... More

Leyon C. Verified Buyer
Very satisfied with ...

Good meal replacement, which also saves € on food supplements, such as multivitamins, fish oil, protein powder, aminoacids. Completely vegan - ... More

Gavrilenko D. Verified Buyer

Easy to prepare, tastes good, feels good, well presented, website is great, no problems with the delivery ... everything is perfect. More

Morales C. Verified Buyer
I would recommend it

I was positively surprised how satiating Mana is. I have started using it as a significant part of my nutrition (though I still want to eat other ... More

Engler A. Verified Buyer
Much better than mark 2

I really like the taste and consistency of the newest mark 3 formula. The drink should be little cheaper. More

Lipka R. Verified Buyer
good as always...

...though I actually preferred the old version More

Martins N. Verified Buyer
great as always!

great as always! More

Tegelaar B. Verified Buyer
All good, except allergens

Nice, neutral flavor which makes it easy to drink. Lasted about 4h until I got hungry, which is good. Though I notice the inside of my throat ... More

Alstermark P. Verified Buyer

Was delivered very fast. Was pleasantly surprised by the taste. Tastes good and neutral. Makes you feel full. Super happy with this product! Been ... More

Attar E. Verified Buyer
I really like it!

I've been drinking it as a lunch replacement at work (talk about Chaplin modern times). It tastes way better than Soylent and it gets me ... More

Pace R. Verified Buyer

The taste is neutral enough and the ingredients are great (no GMO, from Europe, etc). More

Kondoszek Y. Verified Buyer
Good but occassional ...

Have been having mana in different portion sizes twice a day for two weeks. In the end of each week, I've had immense stomach pains, which I ... More

B A. Verified Buyer
the best thing ever

the best thing ever More

Rafaj M. Verified Buyer

God is in the details.

MANA is designed in lab, based on clinical studies and produced by latest High-Tech.

Clinically proven

MANA is based on the scientific statements of EFSA and WHO and further on more than 44 clinical studies related to our ingredients. On their basis, we are allowed to state health claims.

Lab analysis

Each of the used ingredients is analysed in depth in a state accredited laboratory. We are devoted to know as much as possible about the used ingredients.


We are pernamently innovating and developing more sustainable ways of processing ingredients, filling technologies and better packaging of our products.
Lipids from sea algae
Algal lipids contain the unsaturated fatty acids DHA and EPA, which contribute to a normal function of the heart with a daily intake of 250 mg. DHA also contributes to maintenance of normal brain function, normal vision and a normal triglyceride level in blood with a daily intake of 250 mg. 5 servings of MANA or MANA Drink supply 1237 mg of these acids, of which 825 mg of DHA.
Isolated protein from soy
This highly valuable protein contributes to muscle growth, its maintenance and to maintaining normal bones. Thanks to the overall protein content of 20 g per serving, MANA and MANA Drink are also ranked among foods with high protein content. During the unique manufacturing process, the amount of soy phytoestrogens is minimized.
Disaccharide from white beet
Isomaltulose, also known as Palatinose ™ is a disaccharide providing the body with glucose and fructose. Consumption of food containing isomaltulose in place of sugar leads to a reduction of blood glucose rise after their consumption compared to foods containing sugar.
Beta-Glucans from oat
Beta-glucans contained in the oat fiber contributes to the maintenance of normal blood cholesterol levels. This beneficial effect is obtained when eating at least 3 g of beta-glucans per day. In MANA products, there is even more beta-glucans. In MANA drink 6.60 g and the classical MANA
Lipids from coconut
We use organic cold-pressed coconut oil of the highest quality. It has a pleasant aroma, a solid consistency, and a high content of valuable, saturated medium-chain fatty acids. Containing especially lauric acid and myristic acid and only a small amount of highly saturated fatty acids, it is unique among natural oils.
We use HMB in form of calcium salt of beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyric acid. It is the body's own substance, the active metabolite of the amino acid leucine, a key component of muscle protein. It is also a good source of usable calcium for the body.
Lipids from flaxseed
We use cold-pressed flaxseed oil. Thanks to a special technology of oxygen exclusion applied throughout all parts of process, we avoid any unwanted peroxidation process. This oil contains the highest level of the omega-3 fatty acid ALA among all vegetable oils.
Lipids from sunflower
Sunflower oil contains a high amount of monounsaturated (MUFA)/polyunsaturated (PUFA) mixture of predominantly oleic acid (omega-9) and linoleic acid (omega-6). The oil also contains significant quantities of vitamin E and phytosterols.
Lecithin from soy
Soy lecithin is an important part of MANA, due to its emulsifying and stabilizing properties. It is also a vital component of nerves and the brain, and it’s a source of choline, a valuable nutrient.
Oligosaccharides from corn
Corn grain is the raw material for the production of very pure and well-defined carbohydrates, which are used in MANA to provide easily available energy and give the product a pleasant consistency and mild sweetness.
Lipids from canola
Canola oil is a superior source of omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids in a convenient ratio of 2:1. At the same time, it is low in saturated fat and high in fat soluble vitamins and phytochemicals, such as lutein and phytosterols.
Sap of Acacia
Also known as gum arabic, which is extracted from acacia plants. It is a mixture of highly digestible carbohydrates and glycoproteins. It is MANA‘s natural stabilizer.


1. Add water.
2. Add powder.
4. Add oil.
3. Mix well.
Water Powder Oil Energy Meal
150 ml + 1x + 0,5 marks = 200 kcal / Snack meal
300 ml + 2x + 1 mark = 400 kcal / Regular meal
450 ml + 3x + 1,5 marks = 600 kcal / Large meal
600 ml + 4x + 2 marks = 800 kcal / Big meal
750 ml + 5x + 2,5 marks = 1000 kcal / Huge meal
 Serving size 400 kcal (67 g powder + 18 g oil blend + 300 ml water)

Try boosted MANA in a blender.

1. Mix MANA ingredients.
2. Add some fruits.
3. Mix for 30 seconds.
4. Done. Yummy.