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ManaTM Powder

Try all 4 flavours of nutritionally complete powdered food that gives your body all it needs. Simply add water, shake it and you are good to go.

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Mana Drink

Our 330ml ready-to-drink complete meal with 400kcal includes a lot of fibre, high-quality fats, balanced carbohydrates and 20g of protein per serving.

Mana Starter Kit

For the best Mana experience, get our premium BPA-free bottle and stainless steel measuring scoop.

Why waste time with food preparation if you don't have to?

Are you busy or simply don't feel like putting in all the effort that food prepreparation requires? Shopping, cooking, washing dishes? We believe food should be a unique experience to be enjoyed with your family or the closest friends. Mana is here for all the other times when you quickly want the highest quality food fix to fuel your body and keep on doing whatever floats your boat.

Nutritionally Complete

Helps you save time

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The reason why there's nothing else like Mana

New Flavours

Drink | Mark 5

Food for a better life

A nutritionally complete ready to drink food that will give your body everything it needs.

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New Version

Powder | Mark 5

Food for a better life.

Helping busy people eat better. For only 1.44€ per meal, you can have a nutritionally complete food drink that will give your body everything it needs. And its delicious, neutral flavour allows for endless tweaks and modifications. Clinically proven and laboratory tested. Free shipping for orders over 100€.

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Nutritionally Complete
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One planet. One mission.

Today’s world food waste amounts to 1.8 billion tons per year. Half of all municipal waste is food and its packaging. We believe it is our responsibility to reduce these numbers by designing products which use the least packaging, as well as constantly improving the materials in order to offer the longest shelf life possible. We are committed to continuing our efforts to protect our planet Earth.

We believe our planet is our home, and that the way we treat it now will have an impact on what we get from it in the future. Our goal as a company is to change the status-quo of food production and quality – from how food is grown, harvested, processed and consumed to how its packaging is recycled. To create a better world, we have to start with ourselves, which is why Mana is dedicated to following these values from the concept phase to your doorstep.

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Enjoy Mana as part of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. Mana is suitable for all healthy adults.