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€38 / 3 € per drink

Each 330 ml bottle contains a nutritionally complete meal that will deliver 20% of your daily nutritional needs in an instant. 400 kcal, 38 vitamins and minerals, 20 g of protein, fibre, high-quality fats and balanced carbohydrates. Trust us, you'll be satisfied.

Smooth and cosy cocoa


12 Drinks in a package

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How to use Mana

Recommended daily dosage

The recommended daily dosage of Mana Powder is 5x 400 kcal (2000kcal), and 5x 330 ml (5x 400kcal, 2000kcal) of Mana Drink. The recommended daily dosage was set in accordance with reference intake values for an adult person. However, the dietary needs are very individual and it is possible that 5 serving of Mana will be too much or not enough to cover all your daily needs.

Mana is designed to replace any meal, but it is up to you whether you decide to cover 100% of your daily diet with Mana or just one or two meals.

Powdered Mana allows you to prepare meals of different size and caloric amount, just look at the picture below. Both Mana Drink and a prepared meal of Mana Powder should be consumed immediately.

Enjoy Mana as part of your varied and balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. Mana is suitable for all healthy adults.