A Letter from Jacob Krejcik, CEO

“Today, I am excited to announce a new version of our ready-to-drink Mana. Though its new formula builds on the heritage of its predecessor, it is truly redesigned from the ground up.

Mark 4 sets a new standard for performance, practicality and taste of functional nutrition. You can now benefit from more vitamins and minerals, better lipid complexity and a robust, plant-based amino acid spectrum. At only €2.58 per bottle, we hope to make our high-quality and timeless Mark 4 food accessible to everyone.”


What Have We Improved?

More Vitamins and Minerals

Mana now contains more B vitamins, which increase metabolism, improve brain function, heighten nervous system activity, boost immunity, reduce fatigue and exhaustion, and contribute to many other cellular operations. We have also added thiamine, niacin, pantothenic acid, and biotin, and have doubled the concentrations of B12 and B9, which together help regulate the metabolism of homocysteine. Moreover, we’ve upped the concentrations of iodine and zinc, which help normalize thyroid activity and fertility.

A Wider Variety of Amino Acids

Based on laboratory analyses, we have adjusted the ratio of proteins, which are made up of amino acids from a combination of soybeans and oats. Our research shows that Mana contains all essential and non-essential amino acids in the ideal proportions. (A daily dose of Mana (2000 kcal) contains 101 g of protein.) These are essential for the formation and regeneration of body tissue, facilitate the transport of substances throughout the body, and are necessary for the synthesis of many hormones. Detailed information on the amino acids in Mana products can be found on our website.

A Wider Variety of Fatty Acids

Our products now contain higher-quality vegetable oils from a wider variety of sources, delivering a rich spectrum of fatty acids. In addition to the traditional EPA and DPA fatty acids, which contribute to normal heart function, Mana Drink also contains unsaturated α-Linolenic acid, which is responsible among other things for maintenance of normal cholesterol levels in the blood. Furthermore, its 2.5 g of acetic acid is a necessary component of cardiac lipids, and its 200 mg of nervonic and lignoceric acids are key to the construction of nerve tissue. Last but not least, its proportion of omega-3 to omega-6 acids is excellent: 1:2.

“We’ve created a timeless drink using the best recipe to date.” Marek Humpl, Director of Research and Development

Mana Drink | Mark 4  is now available through our e-shop. And God only knows if there will be enough for everyone. Get it while it lasts!